Pocono Patios & Walkways

Did your builder leave you with a muddy mess for a backyard? Would you like a comfortable place to entertain without having your patio table sink into your grass? Do you find yourself yelling at your kids not to track grass and mud into your new pool? How about an entryway to your home that makes guests say, “Wow!”? If you found yourself answering “yes” to any of those questions, you might want to consider installing a patio or walkway.

Patios and walkways are commonly constructed using brick pavers, casted bluestone or natural bluestone. The combination of pattern and color allows for the patio or walkway to complement nearly any style home and also allows for personalization. Your design is unique to your home.

One of the major advantages of installing a patio instead of a deck is that because the patio is not attached to your house, it does not require a building permit. That saves time and money but makes it crucial that you hire a contractor with the necessary knowledge and skill to properly construct the patio or walkway. Patios and walkways that are not built correctly can experience frost heave (bricks or stone will move up and down creating an uneven surface) or loss of edge integrity (sides of the patio/walkway start spreading outward, creating gaps between the bricks or stone).

A patio and/or walkway will provide you and your guests with a flat, comfortable area to enjoy your outdoor space. No more making guests walk on an uneven stone path to get to your front door or trying to eat dinner outside in the summer on a table that tilts. With a patio or walkway, your family and guests will be able to walk and dine outdoors comfortably. Steps can be incorporated if necessary and constructed out of the same material for a clean, cohesive look.

You can avoid any of those problems by hiring a company with like ours with 20+ years of experience. We’ve built patios and walkways for hundreds of customers and when they call us four or five years after we’ve built their patio/walkway, it’s usually to ask us to come back out for an estimate on some additional landscaping work.

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