Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

Pocono Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Have you ever turned on your lawn sprinkler and then realized halfway to work that you forgot to shut it off? Or maybe gone on vacation outside of the Poconos for the hottest two weeks of the summer but the neighbor kid who was supposed to water your new trees was a no-show? Mistakes like that are annoying but they can be costly, especially if they result in spending your hard-earned money to replace greenery that you’ve already paid for at your Pocono home.

Irrigation for your Busy Life in the Poconos

As a homeowner, you’ve spent time, effort and money installing beautiful new lawns, gardens, plants and trees around your Pocono home. Without the proper care, all of that can be for nothing. An irrigation/sprinkler system can be essential.

The easiest, most reliable way to protect the investment you’ve made in your Poconos landscape is to install an irrigation or outdoor sprinkler system. A properly-designed irrigation/sprinkler system addresses one of the critical needs of all living things: water. Plants, grasses, trees, flowers and vegetables all need water but it must be the correct amount of water – too much or too little can weaken or kill a plant, especially if it’s newly planted and still trying to get established.

An irrigation and sprinkler system has several advantages. Since it’s customized to your landscape, your lawn, garden, plants and trees get the ideal amount of water, even if those areas need different amounts of water. Water usage is more efficient because the water goes where it’s supposed to – no more watering your driveway or the side of your house. It’s easy. Everything is broken down into zones, which are controlled from one central location (usually in your house or garage). The computerized controller can be set up and left to run automatically. There’s also peace of mind knowing that the watering is taken care of, even if you’re not home. This can be ideal for homeowners who are part-time residents or travel frequently. Finally, there are the eye-pleasing results of having a beautiful, lush landscape without constantly dragging annoying and unsightly portable hoses and sprinklers around your property.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to maintain your Pocono property, protect your investment and make your life a little easier, give us a call at 570-839-1792. We’d be happy to come out and give you a free estimate for your irrigation/sprinkler system.